In Honor of Jeremy Crow Memorabilia

Pre-orders are now being taken on the following types of shirts and caps.  These are going to be manufactured (except for the caps) by Jeremy's wife, Amanda, from her new business (PostNet).   The beautiful collage was done by a friend of the family, Kendra (Beld) Deibert.  When you look at it, you notice more and more pictures embedded in the collage.

The front will have a customized Harley logo on the left chest position and the back will have the collage that Kendra created as shown below.

                Front                                         Back

The colors are most likely going to be offered in black, gray or white and will come in all sizes.  The cap will only feature the harley in honor of logo on the front and have SWCC across the back just above the cap adjuster. See the samples below for the women's fitted shirt, under armor, t-shirt and cap options. Below are larger pictures of the designs as well.

 The price will be determined once we understand the total number of shirts and cap orders that will be placed.  You will be notified when the price is determined to confirm your order design, color, quantity, etc.  Additionally, all profit will go to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation.  This organization supports Navy family's who's live have been disrupted by injuries or worse.

 Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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Greg Crow



Under Armor Men's style       Men's T-shirts                Women's Fitted - T's

                Front of shirt / cap

                                                                Back of Shirt